Hello world!

Like the West? Love tales of mountain men, wagon trains, gold miners, pioneers, outlaws, and cowboys?

That’s my love and that’s what I love to write about.  Just finished my first western novel, The Gold of Vanishing Creek.  The setting is Wyoming in the 1870s. The main character, Royal Kincaid, has been away from his home town of Willowaw after brutal fight with Warner Winthrop, the town bully and banker’s son who made the mistake of getting rough with a fourteen year old girl, Shannon, in Royal’s presence. The Sheriff of Willowaw gave Royal a choice – leave town or get locked up.

Royal returns after getting a note from Shannon telling him that his father, Owen Kincaid, has lost the family ranch and is missing.  Royal knows that is impossible and is determined to unravel the scheme.  But he is facing both the slick swindler and his crew of cowboys who act more like gun men, and also an unknown assailant who greets Royal home with a slug from a buffalo gun.

Right now I am learning about blogging (this is my very first), setting up a web page, and doing all the bits and pieces of publishing my novel.

Coming up to date, The Gold of Vanishing Creek should be available by the end of February. Stay tuned to this blog for details.

Please say “Hi” if you find this blog, and let me know about your interests!

D.D. Dowling

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Jenean

    I have read a couple chapters pre-release of The Gold of Vanishing Creek. I am looking so forward to the opportunity to read the entire story since the “teasers” already have me intrigued and already drawn to the characters through your writing.


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